Hardware-in-the-loop software framework

Hardware-in-the-loop software framework

The Bosch company BSH is the largest manufacturer of home appliances in Europe. Since 2015, IncQuery Labs has been helping BSH to build, improve and maintain a flexible hardware-in-the-loop software framework, implemented in LabVIEW. Our expertise and experience with LabVIEW have helped to build a versatile platform for hardware simulations and automated tests.


Being a leader of the global trend in digitalization, BSH produces smarter appliances, which all need substantial software maintenance and testing.  


A standard but costly approach to systematically test smart embedded systems is hardware-in-the-loop testing (HiL), which requires considerable amount of expertise in various fields. One important requirement of HiL is the efficient implementation of real-time concurrent software, which is responsible for the simulation of various hardware parts.  


Since 2015, in an ongoing cooperation, IncQuery Labs has proven to be a reliable, long-term partner of BSH in supporting their internal smart appliance software development projects.  Using our strong software engineering and testing expertise, we have delivered various software solutions implemented in the LabVIEW programming language specifically for BSH’s HiL framework applied in their actual acceptance testing process.  

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