Model Based Systems Engineering

Model Based Systems Engineering

Since 2017, we have been collaborating with CATIA No Magic as their development partner. We helped their customers in Model Based Systems Engineering solutions: tool customization and integration.

The Client

CATIA No Magic is a global solution company specializing in Model-based Systems Engineering (MBSE). They offer products and services to international customers in the aerospace, transportation,  automotive and many other industries. Their flagship product is MagicDraw, a state-of-the art tool for the OMG Unified Modeling Language (UML) and the OMG Systems Modeling Language (SysML). Since 2017, we have been collaborating as their development partner. 


The MBSE ecosystem includes numerous customers from the aerospace, transportation, and automotive sectors from all over the globe. These organizations range from SMEs to large, international companies. All of them face similar challenges when it comes to Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) practices: customization and integration.
Tool customization is very important for customers of high-profile engineering software as users often need more than the built-in features. IncQuery Labs specializes in customized solutions and plug-ins for the entire CATIA No Magic portfolio of tools, including MagicDraw, Cameo Systems Modeler, Teamwork Cloud and others. With our help, SysML can be adapted to client-specific requirements and therefore integrated with ease into the existing workflow.
Tool integration is essential to any company using several tools, as integration features ensure that data moves smoothly along the toolchain – which is crucial for engineering productivity. SysML tools often need to interact with ALM/PLM solutions such as Polarion or DOORS, reporting software such as Microsoft Excel, simulation frameworks like MATLAB Simulink, or in-house tools via custom export-import functionality. Our experts can help with such automation tasks.
As an addition to our services, our experts also offer professional trainings, workshops and deep technical support. Our aim is to share the know-how with your in-house or outsourced developer teams to streamline adaptation and technology transfer.


Over the years, we have designed and delivered many solutions to our customers’ satisfaction.  
- We have helped No Magic in building a new product, the Magic Real-time Communication Designer, a plug-in to support the extension of SysML to DDS-based inter-component communication definition. As part of a customer project, we built an integration feature to MATLAB Simulink as well.
- For several customers from the aerospace industry, our experts designed and developed plug-ins to support variant-based model cutting, extending and customizing the functionality of the MagicDraw Product Line Engineering Plugin.
- For several customers from the automotive industry, we developed custom domain-specific validation rules, improved the visualization of cross-domain traceability and enhanced their workflow with automated model transformations, and developed plug-ins for custom report generation.
- Last, but not least, our experts provided trainings to in-house engineers via workshops in various topics including advanced MagicDraw usage, MagicDraw plug-in development and many others.

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