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Being part of the bigger picture

November 9, 2018

Being part of the bigger picture

Technology has new preferences today. In the world of big data, and in the time, where app development is becoming as natural as having a bowl of cereal, the importance of low-code development platforms (LCDPs) is raising. LCDPs are cloud-based software development platforms, working in a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) model allowing users to build applications through dynamic graphical interfaces, diagrams and declarative languages. Forecasting tells that in the upcoming four years, the industry can expect a $21 billion growth with serious players at the helm like Google, IBM and Microsoft. LCDPs are aiming all range of software intensive systems from large distributed systems to fog computing applications.  

Horizon 2020 started it’s Lowcomote program, which aims to train a new breed of professionals in the design, development and operation of new LCDPs, to overcome the well-known scalability limitations. IncQuery Labs, as part of the Lowcomote consortium will set the basis of distributed algorithms for scalable, live model querying and transformation and expand its open-source technology stack for IoT applicability, where model sizes tend to be order-of-magnitude larger than our home domain: system engineering.

Summing up, the IncQuery Lab team just made another step into the history of the future.