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IncQuery Labs presents SysML-based industrial IoT design suite at AHT meeting

November 19, 2020

IncQuery Labs presents SysML-based industrial IoT design suite at AHT meeting

On the first week of November, the latest meeting in the series of semiannual consortial gatherings of the Arrowhead Tools project was organized. IncQuery Labs was originally planning to host the event in Budapest, but due to the current circumstances, the meeting was moved online. It was a great occasion for partners to exchange ideas and information about the achievements so far and learn more about the status of the project.

IncQuery Labs had the opportunity to present a SysML-based industrial IoT design suite during a half-day “workshop in a workshop”. In the tutorial, we have laid the conceptual and technological foundation of the Arrowhead Design Suite: a comprehensive multi-domain, multi-platform design and analysis framework for industrial IoT.

Currently, aligned with the state of the art, our solution is centered around the technology and tooling from Dassault Systémes’ No Magic. In this context, we have created a suite for System-of-Systems engineering using the canon of model-based systems engineering (MBSE). In the future, we aim at not only following the trends, but driving a paradigm change and bringing the Arrowhead Design Suite into the cloud.  

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