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IQL at EclipseCon France 2017

June 13, 2017

IQL at EclipseCon France 2017

Their presentation’s title is “Patching the gap in collaborating on models”. Since the collaboration is an essential part of developing complex systems like Capella, used by Thales Group, it involves working with models in addition to source code and other artifacts.

In this talk you will hear about:

  • Practices and challenges of collaboration on models for Thales and Capella users
  • The new Model Patch component of EMF Diff/Merge that supports the generation and application of standalone, portable patches for EMF-based models
  • How model patches supplement model differencing and merging in EMF comparison tools or the EMF Change model
  • Live demo of model patches and discussion on its usage in EMF-based applications.

You can attend this talk at 22 June, at 4 PM in the Argos hall.


See you next week in Toulouse!