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IQL on stage at EclipseCon France

June 28, 2018

IQL on stage at EclipseCon France

IQL on stage at EclipseCon France in Toulouse, at 16.00 on the 14th of June, 2018 with the title “Lessons learned from building Eclipse-based add-ons for commercial modeling tools“.

EclipseCon France 2018

This talk will be a summary of the lessons IQL has learned during the MagicDraw adaptation of VIATRA, Eclipse’s open source framework for scalable reactive model transformations. Akos Horvath will also present our latest developments: V4MD, an open source extension for MagicDraw that others can freely reuse and build on, and IncQuery for MagicDraw, a commercial add-on that provides powerful yet user-friendly querying and validation capabilities.

For more details about the talk please visit the official site of EclipseCon France 2018.