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Presenting at the INCOSE International Workshop 2019

March 26, 2019

Presenting at the INCOSE International Workshop 2019

As our new product, the IncQuery Server is expected to roll out to the public test phase soon, our CEO, István Ráth talked about it at INCOSE’s International Workshop, in Torrance.  

INCOSE’s International Workshop is the event of the year for systems engineers to contribute to the state of the art. IW2019 facilitated working meetings for groups engaged in INCOSE’s major projects and in international standards development, and workshops to explore the Systems Engineering challenges in new sectors. One such workshop was the MBX Ecosystems/OpenMBEE Track (Open Model Based Engineering Environment), which hosted invited sessions from the group of Compatible Vendor Tools, including István Ráth, from IncQuery Labs. The focus of these invited presentations was to identify needs, plans and current capability for how to work in the larger context of an Open Model-Based Engineering Environment.

Taking this opportunity, István talked about the new release of the IncQuery Server. Integrating as a back-end add-on to Teamwork Cloud, IncQuery Server supports validation, model analysis, and repository-wide analysis capabilities for project managers, engineers and reviewers.

In order to achieve a unique level of performance and scalability, IncQuery Server is based on a unique hybrid database architecture that uses a combination of in-memory and persistent model representations. Thanks to the web-based APIs, User Interfaces it’s also easy to integrate into corporate toolchains. Since IncQuery Server is in the beta testing phase, we encourage interested parties to get in touch with us!

IncQuery Server for Teamwork Cloud – Talk at IW2019 from Istvan Rath