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The joint talk proposal of IncQuery Labs and Zuken USA was accepted for the 2021 INCOSE WSRC

September 1, 2021

The joint talk proposal of IncQuery Labs and Zuken USA was accepted for the 2021 INCOSE WSRC

IncQuery Labs has been a long-time participant at INCOSE (the International Council on Systems Engineering) events. As professionals who build systems engineering tools, we promote the mission to solve societal and technical problems with systems approach. We have presented both at the INCOSE International Workshop in 2019 and 2020, in the MBX working group, at the OpenMBEE events.

This year, our joint talk proposal with Zuken USA was accepted for the 2021 INCOSE Western States Regional Conference (WSRC). Representing our new US subsidiary Inc., our CEO István Ráth will be joined by Enrique Krajmalnik from Zuken USA, to talk about the challenges of holistic systems design. In the new era of digitalization and systems engineering, there is an ever-rising need for design and production processes capable of increasing systems quality, reducing risks and the chance of errors, while, at the same time, reducing overall production costs. However, old methods and mentality might not be able to keep up with the ever-growing demand.

Our presentation promotes a paradigm shift in digital systems engineering and introduces innovative solutions to the challenges of diverse engineering scenarios. We intend to be among the drivers of this novel, holistic thinking in systems design, bridging an important digital gap between systems architecture and detailed physical design. In the talk, we demonstrate a possible approach for that purpose, along an involved multi-domain engineering scenario of a complex electrical harness design process. We will propose the introduction of innovative toolchains and place the focus on domain diversity and toolchain interoperability.

For the purposes of demonstration, the higher-level architectural aspect is covered by GENESYS, a powerful model-based systems engineering tool, while the details of the harness design, including wiring manufacturing diagrams, are worked out in the E3.series tool. The continuous analysis aspect of the scenario, comprising all the design domains and phases, is realized using the IncQuery Suite, an innovative integration and analysis platform, providing a unified view and powerful analysis capacities over complex multi-domain systems engineering datasets.

Join our presentation and register to the conference at the event’s official website.