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The total Eclipse of the simulation

August 7, 2018

The total Eclipse of the simulation

EclipseCon is known for being the most reliable and innovative platform of mindsharing in the topic of coding, Internet of Things and many more. As this year’s Eclipsecon Europe is getting closer (October 22-25), we can proudly announce that IncQuery Labs will take it’s part in the mindset. Represented by Ákos Horváth, CEO of IncQuery Labs Ltd, the session will be about the hybrid-methodology-based simulation in the modeling environment.

Just to clarify, how a simulation can be hybrid, it isn’t just integrate the physical and software aspects of the process, but does it with multiple languages and tools. Or as we knew it so far, since developers of IncQuery Labs contributed to an open-source add-on project for the Eclipse environment. With CEA List and Linkoping University, they created a so called Papyrus4FMI. It lets running Python-based interactions between Eclipse user interface and the different FMI simulation engines. Papyrus4FMI basically transforms Papyrus into a complete Cyber Physical System simulation, using UML/SysML and the Functional Mock-Up Interface (FMI) standard. This complexity is all for the benefit of accuracy and speed of development and we can’t wait to see, what users of the technology will achieve with the new possibilities!

Come and join us at the event!